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Parts and accessories

  1. Expedition Crossbar for Wheelie walking trailer

    Expedition Crossbar

    Extra bar to improve the stiffness of the Wheelie frame. Reduces wear of frame and tires with heavy loads and long trips. It is placed between the short bars, close to the wheels. Strongly recommended.

    Accessory More info
  2. Wheel bag Wheelie Black

    Wheel bag Wheelie

    The wheel bag lets you store the wheels together when they are taken out of the frame. When the wheels are in use, it give you extra storage, e.g. for dirty or wet stuff.

    Accessory. More info
  3. Gear bag for Wheelie walking trailer

    Wheelie gear bag

    In the Wheelie gear bag you can put all the stuff you like to have at hand, such as water bottle, tissues, wallet, camera, phone, keys, etc. The Wheelie gear bag fits exactly in the free part of the frame. With the included shoulder strap you can easily take it with you when the Wheelie is parked somewhere safe.

    Accessory More info
  4. Satellite for Wheelie Traveller walking trailer

    Satellite Wheelie Traveller

    The Satellite is a 25 litre backpack that connects to the Wheelie Traveller. When connected, it serves as a capacity extender to the main bag, increasing the total volume to 100 litres. When deconnected, the Satellite is a very useful city bag. There are three mesh outer pockets for drinks, sunscreen, city map etc. Inside there is a small compartment for keys and other valuables. The Satellite has a sleeve that allows you to use the backpack with the Wheelie hip belt. This way, it becomes an incredibly comfortable pack, even with considerable weight.

    The Wheelie rain cover fits a Wheelie with and without attached Satellite.

    Accessory More info
  5. Comfort Kit for Wheelie Combi walking trailer

    Comfort Kit Wheelie Combi

    The Comfort Kit consists of a headrest and a 5-point harness to safely transport a child on the Wheelie Combi.

    Accessory for the Wheelie Combi More info
  6. Wheelie hip belt pouch

    Wheelie hip belt pouch

    The Wheelie hip belt pouch is an easy way to keep important small stuff at hand, without stuffing your pants pockets. Suitable for keys, sun screen, GPS, wallet etc. More info
  7. Wheelie luggage rack

    Wheelie luggage rack

    This rugged accessory lets you carry your heaviest gear, like a water canister or iron gas cartridge there where you won't feel it at all: between the wheels. More info
  8. Tow bar extension kit for Wheelie walking trailer

    Tow bar extension kit

    The tow bar extenders places the Wheelie 20 cm further back. This allows for the weight on the hips to be reduced. Moreover, they give extra room for the legs while walking. In a few cases that may be necessary if someone has very long legs.

    Note: if used with a braked Wheelie, the right brake cable will be too short. Bike shops will be able to supply a replacement cable, 25cm (10") longer.

    Accessory More info
  9. Camino patch
  10. Flag Patch
  11. Loctite 243 5ml

    Loctite 243 5ml

    This Loctite locking agent prevents the 4 bolts of the Wheelie frame from getting loose. Due to the flexibility in the frame, the bolts may untighten themselves when the Wheelie is in use. If you do not unmount the Wheelie frame regularly, by using Loctite you don't have to check the bolts anymore. More info
  12. Bombproof axle set

    Bombproof axle set

    A pair of Heavy Duty Axles for those trips where reliability goes before usability and weight saving. The Axles are NOT quick-release but are bolt-on. Tip: can serve as spare when an accident happens in places without repair possibilities. There are two sizes: 120mm for Cyclone I - IV and Wheelie I - IV without brakes and 140mm for Wheelie with brakes.

    Accessory More info
  13. Rain cover Wheelie

    Rain cover Wheelie

    The Rain cover is a lightweight solution to keep your Wheelie and its contents dry and clean. When it starts raining, the cover can be attached in seconds and securely velcroed around the tow bar connectors. Many people leave it on all day, no matter the weather, as its protection against dirt is just as much appreciated.

    Spare part. More info
  14. Bag for Wheelie IV Traveller walking trailer

    Bag Wheelie IV Traveller

    Replacement bag for your Wheelie Traveller More info
  15. Hull Wheelie Cargo
  16. Bag for Wheelie IV Combi walking trailer

    Bag Wheelie IV Combi

    Replacement bag for your Wheelie Combi. More info
  17. Hipbelt for Wheelie walking trailer

    Hipbelt Wheelie

    Wheelie hip belts are available in 2 sizes, one of 65-110cm without shoulder straps, and one of 85-150cm with shoulder straps (€10,00 extra). By measuring the circumference where you wear the hip belt you will know which size to choose.

    Replacement part for Wheelies or for do-it-yourselfers. More info
  18. Tow-bar mounting screw

    Tow-bar mounting screw

    For Wheelie and Cyclone. Available in 2 sizes.

    Spare part More info
  19. Quick-release axle with spacer

    Quick-release axle with spacer

    Replacement part for Cyclone and Wheelie. There are 4 different versions, depending on the type of your trailer. More info
  20. Spacer for quick-release axle

    Spacer for quick-release axle

    Replacement part for Cyclone and Wheelie. There are 4 different versions, depending on the type of your trailer.

    Spare part. More info
  21. Wheel 47-305 with solid tire

    Wheel 47-305 with solid tire

    Wheel with solid tire. Impossible to get a flat tire. Fits all unbraked Wheelies. ETRTO size 47-305.

    Spare part or DIY More info
  22. Solid tire 47-305

    Solid tire 47-305

    Solid tire for all Wheelies. ETRTO size 47-305.

    Spare part More info
  23. Hub 28H for quick-release axle

    Hub 28H for quick-release axle

    We sell our 28 hole wheels hub separately too. This hub is suitable for quick release axles or bombproof axles. Lets you construct any size of wheel at your taste that still fits our trailers.

    Accessory More info
  24. Mounting hardware for Wheelie walking trailer

    Mounting hardware Wheelie

    Four bolts, four washers and a hex wrench is all you need to mount a Wheelie.

    Spare part More info
  25. End cap insert 28mm

    End cap insert 28mm

    Replacement part More info
  26. End cap 28mm

    End cap 28mm

    Replacement part More info
  27. Brake conversion kit for Wheelie IV walking trailer

    Brake conversion kit Wheelie IV

    For owners of a Wheelie IV walking trailer. This kit contains all the parts to convert a non-braked Wheelie into a braked Wheelie.

    Can be bought as spare part, or as upgrade. More info
  28. O'Tom Tick Twister

    O'Tom Tick Twister

    We find the O'Tom Tick Twister by far the best tick remover we have come across. It works great on human skin, but also on furry animals. Lyme is a real nasty disease and we find that we must encourage our customers to take precautions.

    Accessory More info
  29. Wheelie cross bar
  30. Wheelie frame left
  31. Wheelie frame right
  32. Wheelie tow bar left
  33. Wheelie tow bar right
  34. Shoulder strap conversion kit
  35. Foam grips 2 x 13cm (for Wheelie tow bars)