Bombproof axle set


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A pair of Heavy Duty Axles for those trips where reliability goes before usability and weight saving. The Axles are NOT quick-release but are bolt-on. Tip: can serve as spare when an accident happens in places without repair possibilities. There are two sizes: 120mm for Cyclone I - IV and Wheelie I - V without brakes and 140mm for Wheelie with brakes.




Attaches to Frame
Dimensions L x W x H 120mm: 13 x 4 x 2 cm (6/5.2 x 1.6 x .8")
Weight 120 mm: 260, 140 mm: 295 g /pair
Material Stainless steel
Made in The Netherlands
Sales unit Pair
This product consists of
  • 2 M12 bolts
  • 2 M12 self-locking nuts
  • (spacers do not come with this product, please order apart)