Awareness without sponsoring: Our philosophy

At Radical Design, we embrace a conscious approach when it comes to sponsorship. As a modest company with a passion for our work, we critically examine how we allocate our financial resources. Instead of having an unlimited marketing budget and separate departments, we are a team of dedicated individuals who believe in our mission.

While we would love to support charitable causes and assist everyone, we must be cautious to ensure the future of our company. We take pride in our small series of high-quality products that are constantly being improved. To achieve this, we heavily rely on honest and constructive feedback from our users. This sharpens our products and ensures top quality.

Furthermore, we always strive to avoid paying individuals to make positive statements about our products. We believe in authentic connections and rely on genuine experiences to guide us in our efforts to innovate.

While we admire the many inspiring initiatives that approach us, it is practically impossible for us as a company to choose between all sponsorship requests. Each request is unique and touching in its own way, and we would love to support every initiative. However, in line with our values and to remain fair to all these amazing efforts, we have chosen not to sponsor any request as a company. Of course, we always gladly share stories and experiences of users of our products on our social media channels.

We thank you for your understanding and support of our approach to awareness without sponsorship.