Raising awareness without sponsoring

As a manufacturer of outdoor sports equipment we get many (several per week) sponsorship requests.

On this page we would like to share with you why we do not sponsor.

To start with we are a small company and very critical in how we spend our money. No endless marketing budget and separate departments but a handful of people with passion for their work. To ensure the future of our company we must therefore be very careful with the support of charities, as much as we would like to help everyone.

We also want to avoid at all times that we pay people to say positive things about our products. Our products are often improved and in made in small series. We are thereby dependent on good and honest constructive feedback. That keeps us sharp and ensures top quality products.

Finally, we find it virtually impossible (and inhuman) to have to choose between all sponsorship requests. There are people who do something for their sick children. Some have just overcome a disease themselves. Others walk or cycle for a good fund or to make the world cleaner and raise Eco-awareness. Some thousands of miles and others slightly less. All great initiatives and sometimes quite touching. For us as a company choosing between these requests is simply impossible especially because we would tend to make a choice based on human rather than financial grounds. We would end up supporting all sponsorship requests. We therefore draw a line and decided to do no commercial sponsoring.

We sincerely hope that this doesn't reduce your enthusiasm for an initiative. And as a user of our products you are always free to send us your good initiative. If we can help to raise awareness then we will certainly do. We can post your project on our Facebook page and group and we can mention it to others we meet or speak. We have done this for many initiatives already and we would be happy to help you out in any way we can.

We hope you respect and understand our position.