Cyclone IV Trekking Skeleton Bicycle Trailer

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The Cyclone IV Skeleton Bicycle Trailer is a Cyclone IV without bag. Suitable for attaching homemade bags, crates or carriers.

Be aware that we offer a limited guarantee on the Skeleton Bike Trailer since we cannot control the use in DIY projects.

Available in two versions: one for bikes with 16-20 inch rear wheel and one for bikes with 26-29 inch rear wheel.

The Cyclone IV trailer is the fourth generation of the multiple award-winning Cyclone bike trailer. The Cyclones have been used all over the world for cycling trips and expeditions. Due to its robustness and very low rolling resistance, the Cyclone IV Skeleton is the perfect trailer to move loads with your bike.

When the wheels are inserted in the rear axle bushings, the Cyclone IV trailers can be used as a walking trailer. This way you can easily cover considerable distances, even with fully loaded trailer.

The Cyclone is a two-wheeler so it keeps itself in balance and the behavior of the bike is not affected. You can park your bike with the trailer still attached during a break without risking it to capsize. With the tow bar connecting to the bike's rear hub, your bike's rear is still available for a child carrier or luggage.

At home the Cyclone folds away real small, on the road it sports a capacity of 40 kg. The TIG welded frame bushings guarantee a strong and secure connection of the wheels to the frame, even at high loads and speeds. The wheels are equipped with industrial closed bearings, ensuring minimal rolling resistance and maximum security.

The hitch fits on virtually any bike, whether with dropout or fixed rear axle and is made of stainless steel. It can be ordered separately to make more bikes 'Cyclone-compatible'. The tow bar can be detatched in seconds. this requires only one hand, so the other hand can hold the bike. Feels safe, when your kid is still in the child carrier of your bike.

As for all our products, all materials that we use to build a Cyclone are available separately. That means that if you have had a little accident with the trailer, we can fix it for you. If you are on the other side of the world then we can send the necessary parts so you can resume your trip in no time.

Dimensions L x W x H 132 x 65 x 40 cm (36.8 x 26 x 16")
Weight 4100 g /piece
Made in The Netherlands, with one or more Asian components
Sales unit Piece
This product consists of
  • 1 alloy frame
  • 1 tow bar 20" or 26"
  • 2 wheels with pneumatic tires
  • 1 hitch (bike side)
  • 1 hitch (trailer side)
  • 1 manual
  • 1 tow bar attachment bolt M10x30
  • 2 quick-release axles
  • 2 spacers
Manuals Download manual
Walking towbar Cyclone III-IV
Tow bar Extender 50cm
Security cord Cyclone
Flag assembly Cyclone
Tire Primo Comet 37-349 with inner tube 16"
Bombproof axle set 120 mm
Hitch ball for Brompton
Hitch ball for Birdy
Thru Axle Adaptor 174-180mm with 1.75mm thread
Thru Axle Adaptor 159-165mm with 1.5mm thread
Thru Axle Adaptor 160-172mm with 1.0mm thread
Thru Axle Adaptor 172-178mm with 1.5mm thread
Thru Axle Adaptor 154-167mm with 1.0mm thread
Thru Axle Adaptor 171-183mm with 1.0mm thread
Spacer for quick-release axle 17 mm
Quick-release axle with spacer 129mm-17mm
Tow bar mounting screw 30 mm
Hitch, trailer side
Wheel 47-305 with pneumatic tire
Wheel 37-349 with pneumatic tire
Inner tube 16''

Inner tube 16''

Hitch ball standard
Tow bar Cyclone III-IV for 26-29" bike
Tow bar Cyclone III-IV for 16-20" bike
Tow bar Cyclone Chubby for 26-29" bike
Tow bar Cyclone Chubby for 16-20" bike
Frame Cyclone IV

Frame Cyclone IV