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Cyclone bicycle trailers

Bicycle Trailer on a TravelbikeGoing on a cycling holiday and looking for a bicycle trailer? Since 1997 we produce bicycle trailers for cycling holidays and expeditions all over the world. The Cyclone IV Bicycle Trailer is the best tested bicycle trailer for long cycling holidays and biking expeditions. What makes the Cyclone Bicycle Trailer unique is the ability to turn it into a duffel bag in seconds. Also being a two wheeler the forces on your bike are minimal making it one of the few Bicycle Trailers suited for High-End Carbon Race Bikes and Full Suspensions.

The Cyclone Bicycle Trailer weighing just 5,5 kg is the lightest full Cordura Bicycle Trailer in the world.

"We don't need a receipt to support your Bicycle Trailer".

Photo of a new and an old Bicycle TrailerRadical Design is the first Bicycle Trailer Manufacturer to offer a Lifetime Support Service* without the need for an original receipt or invoice. If we made it, we will do our best to help you! It does not matter if you bought your Radical Trailer new from us or used from Ebay. In reality this means we see Cyclones over 15 years old which in some cases we cannot support with spare parts anymore. But we always do our utmost best to find a solution and let you and your Radical Trailer stay on the road for as many adventures as possible. We have also kept the dimensions of frame and bag identical throughout the four series of the Cyclone. This means a Cyclone IV bag still fits a Cyclone I frame as do many of the new and improved parts.

Our high-end Bicycle Trailers and support service make that you can only buy our Bicycle Trailer from us directly and through our selected worldwide dealers. We do not supply our trailers through any online channel that is not supported by a Bike Shop and/or Bike Service Centre.

A Two-Wheeled Bike Trailer vs Bike Panniers vs Bike Packing

Riding with the Cyclone Bicycle Trailer is a unique experience and completely differs from using Bicycle Panniers on Luggage Racks or Bike Packing

Handling test of the Cyclone Bicycle Trailer for BromptonThe most important notice is that there is a distinct difference in handling of the bike. The biggest change is how the low point of gravity and axle connection of the Cyclone Bicycle Trailer has minimal effect on the steering and flexing of your bike. Simply said with the Cyclone Bicycle Trailer you can stand with full force on your pedals sprinting and going uphill with the Bicycle Trailer following your every bike movement without counter force. Our Bicycle Trailer let's you handle your Bike in the most natural way. Another big plus is how the Cyclone Bicycle Trailer lets you put your bike on a bikestand or lean against a fence or tree without falling down.

Finally what sets a Bicycle Trailer apart from Bike Panniers and Bike Packing that with the Cyclone Bicycle Trailer you can disconnect all luggage from your bike in 2 seconds. And without the need for luggage racks your Mountain bike or Race bike is ready to go for any tour from where you choose to put up basecamp.

Multiple Bicycle Trailers with One Hitching System

Although our Radical Design Hitching System is the lightest and fastest available we are also aware many Cyclists use multiple Bicycle Trailers, all with different hitching Systems. That is why we now provide a Weber Hitch Adapter that can be purchased as an extra accessory. With the Weber Hitch Adapter you can use any existing child, cargo or dog- trailer with the Cyclone using just one Hitch System. With Weber Hitches fitting on Chariot, Burley, Croozer and other brands you can now also combine our Cyclone Bicycle Trailers with just one hitch system.

Order on our website, shipped worldwide

Bicycle Trailer in the MountainsThe Cyclone Bicycle Trailer is a high-end Bicycle Trailer made for extreme use and long-distance cycling. The design of the trailer is only changed when there is a very clear improvement suggested by our users. This means the communication with Cyclists is of the highest importance for the quality and development of our Bicycle Trailers. Therefor we as a production company offer our products directly to end-consumers. We think it is the only way the stay on top of any idea, request and feedback there is on improving the Bicycle Trailer for all the upcoming years.

The Cyclone Bicycle Trailer, the accessories but also all its individual components and raw materials can be ordered from our website in any amount. We also deliver the Cyclone Bicycle Trailer through authorized dealers and professional Bike shops worldwide. If you have, or know, a professional bike shop that wishes to supply the Cyclone trailers, please contact us.

All the online orders are handled by our small and knowledgeable Team and we ship to all countries except Brazil for just 15 Euros with mostly local track and trace.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on

Below is a video showing the versatility of the Cyclone Bicycle Trailer and its quick adaptation for transportation



  1. Cyclone IV Trekking bicycle trailer

    Cyclone IV Trekking Bicycle Trailer

    The Cyclone IV Trekking Bicycle Trailer is the fourth generation of the multiple award-winning Cyclone bike trailer. The Cyclone Bicycle Trailers have been used all over the world for cycling holidays, long bike rides and expeditions. Due to its robustness, very low rolling resistance and quick conversion to a duffle bag, the Cyclone IV Trekking is the perfect bicycle trailer for any bike trip with luggage.

    Available in two versions: one for bikes with 16-20 inch rear wheel and one for bikes with 26-29 inch rear wheel.

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  2. Cyclone IV Cargo Chubby bicycle trailer

    Cyclone IV Cargo Bicycle Trailer

    The Cyclone IV Cargo Bicycle Trailer lets you transport whatever bag, box or container you want. The many lashing points enable you to attach any kind of luggage.

    Available in four versions: first choose from two tow bar sizes (one for bikes with 16-20 inch rear wheel and one for bikes with 26-29 inch rear wheel), then choose the platform size (Trekking frame, 905x470 mm, or Chubby frame, 700x605 mm).

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  3. Cyclone IV Skeleton bicycle trailer

    Cyclone IV Skeleton Bicycle Trailer

    The Cyclone IV Skeleton Bicycle Trailer is a Cyclone IV without bag. Suitable for attaching homemade bags, crates or carriers.

    Be aware that we offer a limited guarantee on the Skeleton Bike Trailer since we cannot control the use in DIY projects.

    Available in four versions: first choose from two tow bar sizes (one for bikes with 16-20 inch rear wheel and one for bikes with 26-29 inch rear wheel), then choose the platform size (Trekking frame, 905x470 mm, or Chubby frame, 700x605 mm).

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  4. Cyclone IV Chubby Bicycle Trailer

    Cyclone IV Chubby Bicycle Trailer

    The Chubby Bicycle Trailer has been specially designed to travel with the Brompton or Birdy folding bike. It uses exactly the same technology as our multi-price-winning Cyclone Trekking and Cyclone Cargo Bicycle Trailers.

    This version of the Cyclone is wider and shorter than the regular Cyclone and has a black "padded" bag. The wheels of the Chubby have the same size as the wheels on your folding bike.

    Available in 4 versions: first choose the wheel size of the bike you want to tow the trailer with, then choose the brand of folding bike the trailer will be used with. By choosing 16-20", you will receive a dedicated hitch for mounting on your Brompton or Birdy. By choosing 26-29", you will receive a standard hitch.

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