Cyclone, Trekking, Chubby, Cargo, Skeleton....?

This blog will explain you the different options our trailers have.


We will start with the two different sizes of the frame. We offer two different frames: Trekking and Chubby.

  • Trekking-frame: 48 cm (18.89'') x 92 cm (36.22")
  • Chubby-frame: 62 cm (24.40") x 72 cm (28.35")

These measurements are without towbar. See picture below.

Cyclone, Trekking, Chubby, Cargo, Skeleton....?-image

The difference of the frames exists because of the origin of the trailer. After we developed the Cyclone Trekking Bicycle trailer we decided to make an option for compact folding bikes like Brompton. The Cyclone IV Chubby bicycle trailer gives the option to store the folding bike in the trailer. This is the reason why the frame is more square size.

Both frames have middle and rear axle bushings. The middle position is used to ride with the bicycle trailer behind a bike. The rear axle bushing can be used to transfer the trailer to a walking trailer. This way you can easily cover considerable distances, even with fully loaded trailer.

For both frames we advise a maximum load of 40 kg.


Cyclone, Trekking, Chubby, Cargo, Skeleton....?-image

For both frames we offer a bag.

  • The Cyclone IV Trekking bicycle trailer comes with a red/black bag. As the wheels and towbar can be removed the bicycle trailer converses easily in a duffel bag and it this position you can use the shoulder strap.
  • The Cyclone IV Chubby bicycle trailer comes with a black bag. This bag is more padded then the Trekking as it gives you the option to store and transport your folding bike in it. This trailer also converses easily in a bag and comes with the shoulder strap.

Both have the same capacity: 100 liter.


Cyclone, Trekking, Chubby, Cargo, Skeleton....?-image

Another option available is the cargo base. This is available for both frames. It gives you the possiblity to strap anything on the trailer. This base is made of hypalon which makes it extremly durable. You can buy this option supplementary to your existing trailer, or you buy it as a complete product:


Cyclone, Trekking, Chubby, Cargo, Skeleton....?-image

For both frame types we have specific towbars in two sizes.

Depending on your wheel size, you choose the right towbar. If you have a normal bike you choose the size 26-29", if you have a folding bike you choose 16-20".

All our trailers come with a towbar. When you buy a trailer in our webshop you are asked to select the (wheel) size of your bike so we know which towbar we will send with your order.

Incase you want to use your trailer on a normal ánd a folding bike, you need two towbars, one for the 16-20" bike and one for the 26-29" bike. Make sure you choose the right towbar, depending on the frame type. Trekking towbars won't fit on a Chubby trailer and the other way around!


Cyclone, Trekking, Chubby, Cargo, Skeleton....?-image

We have three different types of hitch ball, , which fit on almost any rear axle.

- Standard
- Brompton
- Birdy

For Birdy we have a new version with 3 wholes in the frames which helps to makes it compatible to more bikes.

Incase you have a question about your order, never hesitate to contact us!