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Bike Trailers on X12 Thru Axles

Most Bike Trailers go on a Traveling Bike and although many (travel-) bikes still use the Quick Release axle there are more and more bikes that come with the stronger and stiffer X12 or Thru-Axle.

To connect a Bike Trailer on an X12 Thru Axle there are some really nice solutions available now. Your current axle is replaced by a new axle that has a protruding (sometimes detachable) end to connect your hitch on.

Currently Radical design does not sell an X12 Thru Axle Adapter through this website mostly because there are already some really good products on the market.

We have seen good solutions from Robert Axle and Thule but for sure more will come on the market.

Bike Trailers on X12 Thru Axles-image

With an X12 axle adapter you can easily attach a bicycle trailer to an X12 axle

Both Robert Axle and Thule offer different versions of axles depending your current axle. Robert Axle has the "What Axle Do I Need" page that actually let's you select your bike brand and type. For trailer choose "Kid Trailer" as that gives the options for any "hitch style trailer" like the Cyclone that connects to one side of the bike axle.

Bike Trailers on X12 Thru Axles-image

Robert Axle Project Adapter

Bike Trailers on X12 Thru Axles-image

Thule Thru Axle Adapter

The Thule Axles are certainly for Europeans more widely available and can be ordered through most (inter-)national big sellers like Rose, Futurumshop and other online bike stores. Thule's own website could benefit from some categories and a better search as it is not easy to find the adapters there: https://www.thule.com/en-us/us...

To find the adapters in your area just type "x12 axle adapter for bike trailer" in Google.