Velomobile parking cover

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The velomobile parking cover is exactly what the name suggests. It protects your precious velomobile against dust and water, but also against prying eyes and hands of people passing by. Fully customized and handmade for each velomobile.

We tried hard to find the best fabric able to compromise between strength, durability and water resistance so please keep in mind this cover is not 100% waterproof and although the body can get wet it will keep water out of your velomobile. Because of the elastic cord in the bottom edge of the cover you only need to pull the cover over the nose and push it down across the tail. It then stays in place by itself. There are loops on both sides of the rear wheel through which a bike lock can be inserted.

The unique shape of each velomobile makes it necessary to design a special cover for each velomobile. Not yet available for your velomobile? Let us borrow it for a week and we’ll make one.

Made of lightweight and sturdy material and compact to carry in the corresponding storage bag.

Material Polyamide 6.6 100D Honeycomb + PU-coating
Weight 800-900 g /piece
Made in The Netherlands
Sales unit Piece
This product consists of
  • 1 Velomobile parking cover
  • 1 storage bag
Elastic cord 3mm black