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The Undercover is a transport and raincover for backpacks from 45 to 100+ litres, and it is equally suitable to protect any kind of luggage, from bicycle panniers and recumbent bags to baby strollers. A disassembled Wheelie walking trailer fits perfectly in a size L. A disassembled Cyclone fits perfectly in an Undercover XL. If you're flying with non-standard luggage, the use of an Undercover is strongly recommended. The Undercover minimizes the chance of your luggage getting stuck in the conveyor belts at airports.

In addition, the Undercover features a #8 YKK zipper with lockable sliders for easy protection of your belongings. Quite a reassuring idea, with luggage getting lost or fumbled with. Also during a bus tour you sleep a lot better knowing your belongings are locked up.

With the Undercover's zip open, you can carry your backpack with the Undercover still on, using it as a heavy duty rain cover.

Tip: A yellow Undercover makes finding your luggage between all those black suitcases a lot easier.

What size Undercover fits my backpack?
An Undercover that fits exactly around your backpack works the best but if you tend to do some shopping during your trip, it can be practical to have some extra space.
eg. A fully packed Pulsar 75 size L measures Ø117 x length 95cm and would just fit in an Undercover M. A size L Undercover would work too but leaves plenty of space. If your principal use is transport cover, go for the L, if used basically as rain and protective cover, go for M.


Circumference horizontal (cm) XS: 202; S: 236; M: 260; L: 286; XL: 312
Circumference vertical (cm) XS: 120; S: 128; M: 136; L: 147; XL: 155
Length (cm) XS: 73; S: 83; M: 93; L: 103; XL: 114
Dimensions storeded L x W x H M: 31 x 23 x 2 cm (12 x 9 x 1")
Capacity per size (l) XS: 65; S: 85; M: 105; L: 140; XL: 170
Weight per size (g) XS: 285; S: 340; M: 380; L: 440; XL: 460
Material Nylon 210D ripstop
Made in Vietnam
Sales unit Piece

Spare parts

Nylon 210D ripstop black