Across Europe With His Roadturtle

Jörgen aka KayakCobber

Wheelie Walking Trailer - Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, North Cape

Being one of the main contributors to the "l am Wheelie Radical..." Facebookgroup, Jorgen posts many pictures of his travel. Sleeping mostly in the open air covering substantial distances with his Wheelie Walking Trailer. After walking over ten months up and down to the North Cape and covering 9000 kilometers in cold and harsh weather conditions Jorgen became very sick and spend four months inside.... Recovering from a bacteria in the hip and some other severe
health issues he came back back strong to leave for a little trip called: KEEP THE WATER ON YOUR LEFT.
A challenge over here in Holland with again cold and harsh weather.

Thank you Jorgen for all your assistance in helping other Wheelie users. You do great things!

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