Geowalker Lite

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The Geowalker Lite design is based on the extended field experience of geodetic engineer Niek Rengers from Grontmij. The functional and stylish design simplifies the daily routines of the geodetic work. This Lite carrier aims at situations when the computer is carried for shorter stretches of time. Putting it on and taking it off is simple and fast. By using the Geowalker Lite the engineer needn't worry about holding his computer, which enables him to be more relaxed, more independent and more productive in all situations.

The Tablet (to be ordered separately) to which the computer is attached can be unclipped from the carrier. This enables the engineer to use the Tablet for different purposes. Thanks to the adjustable straps of the Tablet, the computer can be positioned at different heights and angles, depending on the circumstances and personal taste of the professional, making working with the computer more fun. On request the Geowalker system can be customised; e.g. the Tablet can be made-to-measure to a specific computer and the carrier can be produced in multiple colors.


Material Cordura 500D Gridforce
Made in The Netherlands
Dimensions L x W x H 33 x 35 x 1 cm (13.2 x 14 x .4")
Weight 120 g /piece
Sales unit Piece
This product consists of
  • 1 Geowalker Lite carrier
  • 4 Tablet attachment straps
  • (the Tablet needs to be ordered separately, depending on the type of computer that will be used)