Cleaning Outdoor Bags and Cordura Products

One of the most frequently asked questions is, "What is the best method for cleaning Radical Design products?".

Our advice (based on our personal experience) is to soak Nylon/Cordura bags for one night in lukewarm water with a little detergent. This method really works best and although we even see special "Outdoor Products" settings on professional washing machines, no methods seems to be more effective as soaking for a longer period.

To give the most environmentally friendly method we support the use of Sapindus Mukorossi commonly known as Soap Nuts as a detergent alternative.

Soap Nuts are a natural, biodegradable and soap-free alternative to detergent, coming from trees in Nepal and India. In these countries, the use of Soap Nuts is very common when cleaning delicate fabrics such as silk.

Soak your Radical products in lukewarm water and add the nuts in their cotton bag. Soak overnight or longer and then wipe with a cloth or brush. For extreme contamination, you can cook the nuts in advance for a minute and then add this soapy water including the nuts to the soaking tub.

Cleaning Outdoor Bags and Cordura Products-image

Clean nylon / cordura bags by soaking in water with detergent or soap nuts

Do you want to use the Soap Nuts for your daily laundry? We see the best result at 60 ℃. as they do need a higher temperature than chemical detergents. Be aware that the Soap Nuts are odorless, you can add some lavender oil in the fabric softener container.

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