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20" Folding Bike Transport Bag

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Your 20" wheeled folding bike (Dahon, Birdy or similar) fits perfectly into this bag. In many countries this is mandatory in public transport. When the bike is in the bag, it can carried by its sturdy handles or the included shoulder strap.

The bag comes in a saddlebag and is made of durable Cordura.

Note: not all 20" folding bikes fit. Some real beefy brands, like Bernd's do not fit.

Dimensions stored L x W x H 27 x 14 x 13 cm (11 x 5.6 x 5")
Circumference horizontal (cm) 215 (86")
Circumference vertical (cm) 196 (78.5")
Material Cordura
Made in Vietnam
This product consists of
  • 1 Dahon Transport Bag
  • 1 saddle pouch
  • 1 shoulder strap
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