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  1. Seat Edge Protector TPE-POM for Carbon Seats

    Seat Edge Protector TPE-POM

    A Protective Seat Strip is mandatory to prevent the sharp carbon/glassfiber seat edges from damaging your bags or accidentally scratching your body. Finding a qualitive and good gripping Edge Protector for your carbon seat can be a daunting task (we know!). Finaly we found a TPE - POM Filled Edge Protector that matches our quality standards.

    Weight 47gr/m More info
  2. Ronker Wallet

    Ronker Wallet

    The Ronker Wallet, also known as Planck Wallet, is an innovative new wallet design that made the thinnest wallet possible. The intelligence is in the coin section where the coins are placed below the cards and in such a way that they stay as flat as possible. In all honesty we were quite skeptical when we were asked to help design and produce the wallet. However, after using the first prototypes for a whole year we are sure this is one of the best wallets ever made and we never want to go back to regular wallets. This Special Edition Ronker has the Radical Design logo on the front. (comes without content hihi…) More info
  3. Frame pouch for recumbents

    Frame pouch

    The Frame Pouch is a small zippered pouch. It is easily fixed with 'Hook and Loop' under the frame of your recumbent. Very useful for emergency stuff and tools.

    Available in black only. More info
  4. GPS pouch for recumbents

    GPS pouch

    The GPS pouch gives you the possibility to follow your itinerary while you're cycling. Thanks to its inclined position you can see the screen pretty well. The elastic cords leave the screen as visible as possible. the attachment strap is sticky, to prevent the pouch to slide sideways. Under your GPS there is a compartment for batteries or keys.
    Available in black only. More info
  5. Side pockets (L+R) for Banana panniers

    Side pockets (L+R)

    The Side Pockets can be fitted at the backside of Banana Panniers and Side Panniers, size Medium and Large. Very handy to store small items like repair stuff, or smelly items like your gas stove,.
    This article is sold per pair. Available in black only. More info
  6. Bottle holder for Banana panniers

    Bottle holder

    The Bottle holder holds bottles of 0.5 - 2 liters and can be fitted at the backside of Banana Panniers and Side Panniers in sizes Medium and Large. Available in black only. More info
  7. Banana liners

    Banana Liners (pair)

    The Banana Liners is a pair of waterproof linings for the Banana side panniers. By using liners instead of covers, the hardwearing quality of the Cordura pannier is retained while the waterproof liner ensures your luggage to stay dry. The liners close with Velcro. All seams are taped.

    Sold per pair. Available in bright yellow only. More info
  8. Trike transport cover

    Trike transport bag

    If you have a foldable trike, this is your product. This transport cover, a small package when folded, fitting easily in a pannier, accommodates all brands of folding trikes. Did you do some cycling and now you want to go home by public transport, or do you have to put your muddy Trike in the clean boot of your car, the Trike bag is the answer. The included adjustable shoulder strap passes through slots in the bag and is attached directly to the trike frame, avoiding the fabric to wear out under the weight of the trike. Several zippered pockets accommodate wheels, pedals or other parts.

    Black More info
  9. Recumbent pannier strap extender

    Fuego strap extender

    Makes all of our side panniers fit the Nazca Fuego and other recumbent with relatively high luggage racks.
    Not needed for Banana panniers. Colour: black. More info
  10. Shoulder strap 40mm 1m long

    Shoulder strap 40mm

    The shoulder strap is a replacement article, it comes standard with each rear bag, except Solo Racer and Universal Racer.
    Available in black only. More info
  11. O'Tom Tick Twister

    O'Tom Tick Twister

    We find the O'Tom Tick Twister by far the best tick remover we have come across. It works great on human skin, but also on furry animals. Lyme is a real nasty disease and we find that we must encourage our customers to take precautions.

    Accessory More info