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Covers and transport bags

  1. Trike parking cover

    Trike parking cover

    The trike parking cover protects your trike all year long. For this cover we chose Stamoid Easy by Serge Ferrari, a high tech fabric used for boat covers. The Stamoid Easy Fabric is highly resistant to bad weather and UV's.
    The tension straps all around offer a wide range of adjustment, which makes the cover adaptable to a lot of trikes. We've added an adjustable pole under the cover to make sure the water runs off the sides and does not concentrate in one spot.
    Is your trike equipped with a headrest? No problem, simply deploy the upper pocket and slide the headrest inside, allowing the cover to fit the snugly on the bike. More info
  2. Velomobile Parking Cover

    Velomobile parking cover

    The velomobile parking cover is exactly what the name suggests. It protects your precious velomobile against dust and water, but also against prying eyes and hands of people passing by. Fully customized and handmade for each velomobile.

    We tried hard to find the best fabric able to compromise between strength, durability and water resistance so please keep in mind this cover is not 100% waterproof and although the body can get wet it will keep water out of your velomobile. Because of the elastic cord in the bottom edge of the cover you only need to pull the cover over the nose and push it down across the tail. It then stays in place by itself. There are loops on both sides of the rear wheel through which a bike lock can be inserted.

    The unique shape of each velomobile makes it necessary to design a special cover for each velomobile. Not yet available for your velomobile? Let us borrow it for a week and we’ll make one.

    Made of sturdy material and compact to carry in the corresponding storage bag. More info
  3. Undercover luggage protection cover


    The Undercover is a transport and raincover for backpacks from 45 to 100+ litres, and it is equally suitable to protect any kind of luggage, from bicycle panniers and recumbent bags to baby strollers. A disassembled Wheelie walking trailer fits perfectly in a size L. A disassembled Cyclone fits perfectly in an Undercover XL. If you're flying with unstandardized luggage, the use of an Undercover is strongly recommended. The Undercover minimizes the chance of your luggage getting stuck in the conveyor belts at airports.

    Available in 5 sizes and 2 colours. More info
  4. Brompton Transport Bag

    Brompton Transport Bag

    With the Brompton Transport Bag your Brompton (or other 16" folding bike) can be stored completely inside the bag, which is closed by a zip. In some countries this is obligatory for public transport. The only disadvantage of this bag, compared to the cover, is that the transport wheels cannot be used anymore and so the bike has to be carried. For this, two big handles are sewn onto the bag, and a beefy 2" shoulder strap comes with it. The Brompton Transport Bag can be stored in a pouch that can be attached to the Brompton's saddle.

    Made of durable black Cordura. More info
  5. Dahon Transport Bag

    20" Folding Bike Transport Bag

    Your 20" wheeled folding bike (Dahon, Birdy or similar) fits perfectly into this bag. In many countries this is mandatory in public transport. When the bike is in the bag, it can carried by its sturdy handles or the included shoulder strap.

    The bag comes in a saddlebag and is made of durable Cordura. More info
  6. Montague Transport Bag

    Montague Transport Bag

    Your Montague folding bike (or similar 26" folding bike) fits perfectly into this bag. In many countries this is mandatory in public transport. When the bike is in the bag, it can carried by its sturdy handles or the included shoulder strap. The bag comes in a saddlebag and is made of durable Cordura 1000. The shoulder strap does not attach to the bag but through slots in the bag, it attaches to the bike itself. This reduces stress on the bag and will keep it in good shape for many years. More info
  7. Dahon Transport Cover

    Dahon Transport Cover

    The Dahon Transport Cover is a light weight solution for people that often use a 20" folding bike. When the cover is around the bike, it can still be lifted, thanks to the clever zip. The cover is stored in the included compact saddlebag. The saddlebag fits on any standard seat and can stay there even when the bike is folded. The Dahon Transport Cover fits most 20" folding bikes and is very durable despite its light weight. Made from 210D ripstop nylon.

    Black More info
  8. Bullitt Bag

    Bullitt Bag

    The Bullitt Bag is made to transport stuff on Bullitt Cargo bicycles, but also on Omnium bikes. Its huge volume can contain almost everything: parcels, personal stuff, groceries or even furniture! The compression straps allow to accurately tighten everything in the bag. With 8 connection points on the bike frame, the Bullit is still very easy to handle. The Dyno 420D Nylon lining and the minimal amount of seams prevent water to infiltrate. The main fabric is Cordura 1000, which makes the bag extremely durable. The bottom is reinforced with a strong honeycomb plate which supports heavy loads. The zipper / roll top system allows to adjust the volume of the bag to its contents. More info
  9. Trike transport cover

    Trike transport bag

    If you have a foldable trike, this is your product. This transport cover, a small package when folded, fitting easily in a pannier, accommodates all brands of folding trikes. Did you do some cycling and now you want to go home by public transport, or do you have to put your muddy Trike in the clean boot of your car, the Trike bag is the answer. The included adjustable shoulder strap passes through slots in the bag and is attached directly to the trike frame, avoiding the fabric to wear out under the weight of the trike. Several zippered pockets accommodate wheels, pedals or other parts.

    Black More info
  10. Superduffel long-life handmade duffle bag


    The Superduffel is a bag without compromise, made for eternity. With the integrated shoulder straps it can easily be worn on the back. The compression straps keep your luggage securely in place and let you quickly attach small extras like a jacket. The smooth rip stop nylon lining gives the bag a luxurious appearance and prevents the coating to wear off over the years.

    Available in three sizes. More info
  11. Offshore bag 120 litres

    Offshore bag 120 litres

    The offshore bag is used by offshore personnel, to get their belongings from home to the platform and back. Made as a basic bag, out of sturdy Cordura fabric with PVC coating, beefy #10 YKK zippers and polyester webbing, this is one beast of a bag.

    Can be made in all colours, as long as it's black More info