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Service dog cover

A cover for service dogs. We make these for various service dog organizations, in different colors and pocket settings. For end-consumers we only supply in single color without pockets. The covers are simple but beautiful, very solid and in 5 sizes.

The size is for the cover itself so you can measure and determine what size you think is best suited for your dog. The straps are always long enough and can be shortened by the user. Currently, we make the following sizes:

  • XS: 160 x 290 mm
  • S: 180 x 360 mm
  • M: 200 x 420 mm
  • L: 220 x 470 mm
  • XL: 240 x 470 mm

Important notice: We supply these covers to official service dog schools and end-users. We respect the wish from service dog schools to not supply covers to end-users with school color settings. To order you can contact us with your preferred size and single color to receive a price quotation. We supply the covers without embroidery or print.