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  1. ICE Side Pods

    ICE Side Pods (REG and HD)

    The ICE Side Pods are based on the Banana racer panniers of our own range. The pods have fixed suspension straps, optimised for either the regular or the HD ICE mesh seats. At the back they have a hook on each pannier, to connect them to the cross bar on the seat frame. They cannot be used for the ICE hard shell seats. The pods are made in Vietnam. Learn More
  2. ICE seat cover (REG and HD)

    ICE seat cover (REG and HD)

    The result of a brainstorming day with the designer of ICE and two days of development and constructing. This cover stays well-tensioned year after year, provides lateral support when cornering on a trike, has Hypalon reinforcements in the crucial areas and gives an attractive look to the seat. Learn More
  3. ICE neck rest

    ICE neck rest

    The ICE neck-rest is fully adjustable for both height and angle, and can be fitted to both mesh and hard shell seats to provide neck support for increased comfort on long rides. Fitted with a removable padded cover. The cover can be removed to adjust the tension on the pad it self. Learn More
  4. ICE hardshell pad (M + L)

    ICE Air-Pro hardshell pad (M + L)

    Probably the most revolutionary hardshell cover on the market. Built from a base of extra stiff Cordura, multiple densities of foam and spacer mesh. The many air channels provide ventilation along the back. Learn More