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  1. Flevobike Greenmachine bag

    Flevobike Greenmachine bag

    Commissioned by Flevobike we developed a special bag for their Greenmachine. Flevobike gave us a sketch that we have translated into a tangible product. We produce them regularly. Learn More
  2. Flevobike Greenmachine seat cover

    Flevobike Greenmachine seat cover

    This product we make on behalf of Flevobike. It must be accurately sewn to the correct width, because it is tensioned in a frame. There is so much tension that it is almost as hard as a hard shell seat, but with the ventilation of a mesh seat. Learn More
  3. Flevobike velomobile cap

    Flevobike velomobile cap

    Another product that we regularly produce for Flevobike. For this product we simply do the stitching part. It is a cooperation between the thermoform company, Flevobike and us. Learn More