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What we make for others

Radical Design designs, produces and sources products of technical textiles. We support a wide range of companies in the field of technical textiles with our know-how, up to insourcing customers complete luggage departments, doing design, production and stock management. We work with a highly skilled product development and production team and the latest CAD Product Design software.

Customers and projects range from start-ups up to large brands as well as design firms working for 3th parties. We materialize products from ideas, help to industrialize existing prototypes and organize production of any scale.

All correspondence with customers is confidential. A customer will typically submit a request by email, after which we will reply with our vision on the idea or project and how we think it would be best to proceed (or not).

In this stage we also outline our projected costs until a first prototype as well as outline the possible next steps, from small-scale production in The Netherlands up to full-scale production in Asia. We charge these costs within the development phase, before actual production. This helps our customers to choose different partners for development and production.

We outsource mass production to highly skilled partners in Asia, with whom we have long lasting relationships. They provide the same high quality and working standards as we do.

Feel free to contact us for any project whether idea development, design, production or other, on We will be very pleased to help you.