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Sinner Comfort shell seat

  1. Solo Classic narrow recumbent bag

    Solo Classic narrow

    The Solo Classic recumbent bag has a 10 liter capacity and with its foam walls and internal frame, it is stable enough to be used without a rack. To attach it to your recumbent, simply slide it over the top of your seat. This works for recumbent seats with and without head rest. It is available in two widths. This narrow size fits M5, Challenge, Nazca Comfort, Bacchetta etc.

    Available in 5 colours
    May not work with a luggage rack More info
  2. Rack bag Jumbo recumbent bag

    Rack bag Jumbo

    The Rack Bag Jumbo has been designed for delta-style three-wheelers like the Dutch Sinner Comfort. it sits happily between the two rear wheels on a wide rack. A true replacement of the car trunk. To attach it to your trike, slide the front strap over your recumbent seat, place the bag on your rack, then attach at least two of the four rack straps.

    Available in 5 colours. More info