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  1. Universal Aero recumbent bag

    Universal Aero

    The Universal Aero recumbent bag can be suspended from the top of a mesh seat, becoming an aesthetic part of it. With the slanting and curved bottom the Universal Aero fits many recumbents and trikes on which the Universal Classic does not fit. It has a practical capacity, can be fitted and removed fast and easy, whether your machine has a head rest or not. To attach it to your recumbent, simply slide it over the top of your seat. This works for recumbent seats with and without head rest.

    Available in 5 colours
    May not work with a luggage rack More info
  2. Banana Racer recumbent bag

    Banana Racer

    The Banana Racer recumbent panniers are our only side panniers that don't need a rack, they are fully suspended from the seat. A solution for recumbents that can't take rack bags or seat bags. With foam reinforcement and mesh pockets. One Banana Racer consists of a left and a right pannier, connected by adjustable straps. Banana Racer panniers fit both hard shell and mesh seats.

    Available in 5 colours More info
  3. Banana M recumbent bag

    Banana M

    Banana Medium recumbent panniers fit both hard shell and mesh seats. With the many lashing points and the three separate suspension straps, there are endless possibilities to connect these panniers to your recumbent. The Banana Medium panniers have interior foam stiffeners and attachment loops for side pockets or bottle holders. The internal compression strap releases the strain on the zipper to provide easy opening and closing. The outside straps compress the panniers when they aren't fully packed. These straps also keep the storm closure in place. They come with mesh pockets to store snacks or other small items.

    Available in 5 colours
    Needs a luggage rack More info
  4. Banana L recumbent bag

    Banana L

    The Banana Large are the most suitable recumbent panniers for extended trips with camping equipment. The 2x35 litres of contents, attachment loops for side pockets or bottle holders and mesh pockets for maps or energy bars leave little to desire. The Banana Large panniers sometimes get too close to the ground on bikes with 2 x 20" wheels. The Medium model is more appropriate on these bikes. Just like all our Banana's, the Banana L fits both hard shell and mesh seats. The many attachment points and the three straps give you endless ways of tying the panniers to your recumbent.

    Available in 5 colours
    Needs a luggage rack More info