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Cyclone IV Trekking 26-29 version out of stock until the 20th of August due to extreme demand.


  1. Ergo lok
  2. Stealth 25mm
  3. Mojave side squeeze 25mm
  4. Stealth Warrior 38mm
  5. Stealth Warrior 50mm
  6. Stealth 40mm complete non-adjustable
  7. 5-way buckle 25mm
  8. Tri Lockster 25mm

    Tri Lockster 25mm

    For a complete product, order 1 female and 2 male parts More info
  9. Single Bar Duckbill 25mm
  10. Curved Duckbill 25mm
  11. Tensionlock 25mm quick-attach
  12. Sliplok


  13. Sternum strap adjuster buckle 25mm
  14. Hangman Swivel Snaphook
  15. Snap Hook YKK LN38R 38mm
  16. Square loop
  17. Slotted Loop 25mm
  18. D-ring


  19. Beastee Dee 25mm
  20. Snaphook Loop 40mm
  21. Fixlock Cam Buckle
  22. Quik slip keeper
  23. Slik Clip 25mm
  24. Siamese Slik Clip 25mm
  25. Stave Cap 25x3mm

    Stave cap 1 x 1/8 inch

    Shields rough edges of cut aluminum back staves. Fits 1" x 1/8" aluminium. More info
  26. Groovy Zipper Pull
  27. Luggage foot

    Luggage Foot

    Simple snap-together design. Handles varying fabric and max. 9mm (3/8") in thickness. For a complete product, don't forget to order both male and female parts. More info
  28. Sewable luggage pad

    Sewable Luggage Pad

    Size: 80 x 40 mm More info
  29. Pop-lock