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  1. Side pockets (L+R) for backpack

    Side pockets (L+R)

    The side pockets have long zippers for good access. They can be used with virtually any backpack with compression straps.

    Sold per pair. More info
  2. Ronker Wallet

    Ronker Wallet

    The Ronker Wallet, also known as Planck Wallet, is an innovative new wallet design that made the thinnest wallet possible. The intelligence is in the coin section where the coins are placed below the cards and in such a way that they stay as flat as possible. In all honesty we were quite skeptical when we were asked to help design and produce the wallet. However, after using the first prototypes for a whole year we are sure this is one of the best wallets ever made and we never want to go back to regular wallets. This Special Edition Ronker has the Radical Design logo on the front. (comes without content hihi…) More info
  3. Hip Holster for backpack

    Hip Holster

    Our Hip Holster is a universal accessory. It keeps your water bottle always at hand. A lens or a compact camera also fit into it. Due to its diagonal position it can only be used on the left hip.

    Accessory More info
  4. Thumbloops for backpacks

    Thumbloops (pair)

    Thumb loops are made for the rumble free storage of hands, wrists and thumbs during your hike. Your arms can relax. In case you stumble they undo themselves thanks to the built-Velcro closure.

    In black only More info
  5. Chest Pack accessory pouch for backpacks

    Chest Pack

    The Chest Pack is an accessory that extends your pack volume with 1.5 litres in which you can store, map, GSM, GPS, compass and compact camera. A Chest Pack prevents you from taking off your rucksack every time you need one of these items. The Chest Pack is fitted in a stable way to any brand of backpack and is no hindrance for walking. There is no extra handling involved when putting on a rucksack with a Chest Pack connected to it.

    Available in a Right- or Lefthanded version. The right-handed version hangs from your left shoulder, the left-handed version hangs from your right shoulder More info
  6. Waist Belt Bag for backpacks

    Waist Belt Bag

    Handy little (0,5 Liter) Waist Belt Bag for backpack and Wheelie walk. In black only

    Accessory More info
  7. Hipbelt for Pulsar 75-60 handmade backpack

    Hipbelt Pulsar 75/60

    Hipbelt for Pulsar 75, Pulsar 60 and Stellar 75, available in straight and curved version. More info
  8. Shoulder straps for Pulsar 75-60 handmade backpack

    Shoulder straps Pulsar 75/60

    A pair of shoulder straps for Pulsar 75, Pulsar 60 and Stellar 75, available in S and L. More info
  9. Hipbelt for Pulsar 50 handmade backpack

    Hipbelt Pulsar 50

    Hipbelt for Pulsar 50 or Atacama, available in straight and curved version. More info
  10. O'Tom Tick Twister

    O'Tom Tick Twister

    We find the O'Tom Tick Twister by far the best tick remover we have come across. It works great on human skin, but also on furry animals. Lyme is a real nasty disease and we find that we must encourage our customers to take precautions.

    Accessory More info